Better Without Us

Once the world greened again,
Saplings, weeds, through the tarmac, thrived,
A lick of honey upon a famished tongue,
They gasped for air to cleanse their lungs,
And this is how things are naturally.
And in the lands you felled to waste with
Branches discarded, some flesh sprouted
From the antlers down, the New Deer were born;
Heads flourishing with leaves and magnolia.
Stumbling to their hooves, stretching their limbs,
Rushing in to the New Frontier like water
To a stagnant pond.
And this is how things are, naturally?

Your flower beds, designed and ordered,
Trembled in Their approach,
They trampled your hedges, shattered the fences.
And now, let us look upon your work:
Devoured in seconds, quicker than you'll rot,
And so, naturally, the world forgets.
But two bucks, doe-to-doe, foe-to-foe,
Quarrelled for the last daffodil,
They clashed, the wind broke on their leaves,
Shredding them from their tines, bare,
The New Deer met the Old,
And bathed the soil with blood,
The cacophony of jackdaws above,
Whilst the swans swam mute.

And this is how things are,

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