The subjective realm or universe of Nathi


A project started in 2019 as a creative output outside of my studies. It has been a way of escaping the strict boundaries and regulations of my discipline, as well as a chance to showcase my work. I conceived this place as A Subjective Reality – a space that ‘materialised’ my lived reality. The entire site is built on this philosophy of a decentred reality, which differs from person to person.

From June 2022, I am devising a new schedule for content. Now that I am leaving University, there is no reason for me not to be dedicating some time to keeping this project active. Content shall be released in issues (approx. 3-4 articles per month or season). This should be a manageable commitment.


Where I grew up, we have a story called the Moonrakers, where brandy smugglers were caught raking barrels in the middle of the night. They evaded arrest by claiming to be trying to rake the cheese (the moon’s reflection) from the pond, playing into a preconceived idea of them as uneducated peasants. This legend is our identity. Some try to use it as an insult, unknowingly falling for the same trick that cements the Moonrakers as heroes.

There are other stories. One tells of how a discarded ham sandwich by Brunel and Sir Daniel Gooch in the middle of nowhere, sprouted into a boomtown. Another of a hill where the grass does not grow, where the slain Dragon’s blood was spilt. Others are not known, they are felt. Wiltshire is a hotspot for Pagan monuments, from the UNESCO World Heritage site Stonehenge, to its more historically and spiritually significant counterpart at Avebury. I grew up alongside the latter’s stone circle. There is a certain amount of wonder, mystery, and something else lurking in the thin mist around the stones. Before even being aware of Magical Realism or Carpentier’s lo real marvelous, the language of strangeness was familiar to me. I was drawn to these literary traditions because I was from Wiltshire, because I was brought up on English folk stories.

I’m not a fantasy writer, nor am I a ‘realist’ (or should I say a Rationalist). My stories typically take place in the West Country. Always with a hint of superstition. Sometimes that is just a feeling, that of haunting in ‘The Lord of Swindon‘ or time travelling in ‘Yarn‘. This is what you should expect from my work and artistic tastes. I am a Folk Realist.

I am not proud of everything on this site and I would love to take a lot of it down. But the whole point of the Nathiverse was to have a visible track of progress – a record of expression.



I am a postgraduate in Literary Studies at the University of Exeter, and currently writing a paper on Folk Realism in the Republic of Korea. I am trying with all my power to coin a term and be cited for it.

Since leaving Swindon, I have come to understand myself as a bit of a nomad. I enjoy experiencing new places or approaching new worldviews, especially with people. I am a big fan of the indie movie scene (Clerks being one of my favourites), as well as a frequent viewer of arthouse/festival films like Amélie.

As I write this, I am in the process of learning French.