The subjective realm or universe of Nathy


August, 2019, astrologers picked up faint signals from the Nathiverse, confirming its existence. Work was fast and by the 12 August, 2019, contact and travel was established.

My world. My views. My imaginations. All of them are brought to life here, floating somewhere in cyberspace.

There is no end goal. I just enjoy doing things.


Realism is boring. Realism can be dull. I see no other way of speaking without characters manoeuvring through unstable landscapes. Something unreal always scuttering around in the wall space. It could just be a mouse. Who knows.


Sometimes I dream or remember. When the ash tree bled onto the moss at its base, I grew. Air so enclosed, fresh and new, but filled by stories from down the road to counties across. Old stories from the tongue that spat. A fox crept from its den by the bonfire pit. I heard the moonrakers trudge to their pond stash. The smoke of an engine, a whistle above Stratton that jump-started my heart. The air was stuffed, yet so free, a shoal sweeping around.

Can I summarise it to a colour? Purple.

I am Nathy and I am a non-binary writer and a self-proclaimed highwayman. My name has many variations. You may know me as Nathy(Nathi), Nath, and Nathan. Any would do. Whatever suits the moment. And I use they/them pronouns. I am still unsure about myself in terms of identity, but there is so much fun in the mystery of it. I think part of this website’s purpose is to jar up that mystery and unleash it into the contained realm.

I achieved a First Class Honours in English and Creative Writing at Portsmouth University, and I am currently taking on the challenge of a MA. I think you might be able to see my many research interests manifest in this site. I am interested in anything, as I said above, from magical realism, to books that tackle serious social/historical issues. While I recognise my place within the ‘West’ – and my views are a privileged one – I am determined to discover things beyond my experience.