Goodbye Nathiverse?

There is a growing usage of universe and -verse in names. Zuckerberg is talking about his Metaverse, and every time he says it I cringe, even a little bit of sick comes up. I also think the same for my own site, now. The original name was to reflect my project’s aim: to create a subjective reality. With the growing usage of this, my site joins a growing web of connections and implications. I do not want to be associated with them. I do not, especially, want to be associated with the metaverse.

I have toyed with it before, and now I will give it real consideration.

What to call it?

How do I keep the implication of a subjective reality, without seeming like I am copying Marvel’s extended universe or Zuckerberg’s world domination plans?

The site still has a small enough readership – if not non-existant – to risk the change.

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